Location, Contact & Hours

894 N. 40th Street Philadelphia, PA 19104
(Our entrance door is located on 40th Street between Ogden St. and Westminster Ave.)

(215) 954-0750
If no one is at the office, phone call will be transferred it to our cellphone. Please wait to let the phone call transferred or leave a message.

Email Address:
skatethefoundry@gmail.com – general inquire
contactskatethefoundry@gmail.com – lesson/class/youth programs inquire

Office Hours: (For park hours, please visit this page)
Monday – Closed
Tuesday 12pm – 8pm
Wednesday 12pm – 8pm
Thursday – Closed
Friday 12pm – 8pm
Saturday 12pm – 8pm
Sunday 12pm – 8pm

Entrance Door on 40th Street between Ogden St. and Westminster Ave.