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Youth Programs – 2nd Round of Fall Registration is OPEN

Our youth programs are for both beginner and experienced skaters.
Skateboarding is not only a fun sport, but great way to learn balance, body coordination, creativity and teamwork!

Adult Skate Classes

Thank you for joining our adult skateboarding classes in the Fall! This course will be back in the Spring, 2021. If you are interested in starting out now, please visit out private lesson page 🙂

In-Person & Non-Contact Private Lessons

Book a private lessons in Philly, Ambler, Middletown, New Jersey, or at your home.

Private Lesson at Middletown Skatepark, Langhorne PA.

Virtual Private Skate Lessons – Now Available

The greatest benefit of the virtual private lesson is having the opportunity
to talk with a live instructor who can also see and talk with you.
During the virtual private lesson, the skater will follow the instructor,
repeating each step until ready to add an additional step,
moving them closer to the final trick.

Online Skate Shop

Make sure you have all the right gear! Shop, order, pick up or get a FREE delivery to the skate program you are enrolled into.
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News and Updates

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