Roller Skating Lessons

Join the community and learn how to roller skate with us!

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About the lesson:

When roller skating in a private lesson at Skate The Foundry, students can expect to learn a variety of skills. Roller skating is for everyone in our lessons, from those who have never put skates on before to those intrepid on eight wheels. We are not only ready to assist you in setting and accomplishing your skating goals, but to be there to support you in building self confidence, to provide a space for self expression, and to work with you through challenges. 

In a private lesson, your instructor will help you on a one-on-one basis, giving you an opportunity to truly dive into the sport with intent and encouragement. We will work with you to build your quad literacy how you wish to, specifically focusing on roller skating fundamentals and aggressive skating in our skatepark facility.

Beginner skaters are highly recommended to start with three private lessons before attempting to roller skate alone. When learning for the first time, it is most important to have an experienced skate instructor teach the basics in a safe and controlled space.

What to expect during beginner lessons:

  • Skatepark etiquette
  • Roller skate anatomy 
  • Falling down (and standing back up!) safely
  • Skating forward and backward 
  • Turning
  • Stopping (toe stop drag, t-stop, and turn around toe stop)
  • Toe stop confidence and agility 
  • Walking up and down ramps
  • Rolling in on a bank
  • Toe stop stall on bank

What to expect during experienced lessons:

  • Airs on flat (forward and 180)
  • Pumping
  • Carving
  • Airs on transition
  • Dropping in over coping
  • Stalling
  • Building lines in a park
  • Anything you want to learn!

Lessons are currently at our West Philly location. To view lesson times, simply select West Philly as your preferred location. Join us today and unleash your skating potential.

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