Brett Williams
Years Skating: 20
Type of skating: Street, Park
Also co-founder of Skate The CellarBachelor’s degree in Media Studies Production from Temple University
Jesse Clayton
Years Skating: 20+
Type of skating: Street, Park
Founder of 5th Pocket Skateparksand co-founder of Skate The Cellar.
Yui Matsuzaki
Event Coordinator

To schedule your event, please email:

Damir Bishop
Years Skating: 12
Type of skating: Street & Transition
Years Coaching: 2
Skate awards: 2nd, & 3rd in the philly cup contest & won a trip to Woodward through the Excellent Adventure contest
Nancy Thi Pham
Years Skating: 10
Type of skating: Park
Years Coaching: 1
Skate Contests: None.  Never was a competitive person.
Jay Maldonado
Years Skating: 24
Type of skating (street, park, vert, flat, etc): Street, Transition
Years Coaching: 13
Skate Contests: Over 60 skate contests


Skate The Foundry is a new semi-private skate park. The facility is located next to Philadelphia’s Fairmount Park, located at 894 W 40th Street. The skate park offers a wide range of obstacles for skaters of all ages.

We offer our members unlimited access to the facility and the option to participate in clinics and events. Members have the opportunity to host their own event, whether it be a birthday party, video premier, product release, art exhibit, live music, corporate meeting, or a random get-together.

Our memberships are available to all ages.

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