Brett Williams
Years Skating: 20
Type of skating: Street, Park
Also co-founder of Skate The CellarBachelor’s degree in Media Studies Production from Temple University
Jesse Clayton
Years Skating: 20+
Type of skating: Street, Park
Founder of 5th Pocket Skateparksand co-founder of Skate The Cellar.
Yui Matsuzaki
Event Coordinator/Content Manager

Please email Yui for Event Inquiry, Youth Programs, Adult Beginner Classes, Memberships and any further questions!

Kevin Crowley
Assistant Instructor

Years Skating: 15
Teaching: over a year of teaching skateboarding. Historian: taught United States history of WWII, Korea, Vietnam for about 10 years. Taught audio and visual arts for 3 years.

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Nazir Wayman
Assistant Instructor

Skate The Foundry is an indoor skateboard park.
The facility is next to Philadelphia’s Fairmount Park, located at 894 N 40th Street Philadelphia, PA 19104.
The skate park offers a wide range of obstacles for skaters of all ages.

We offer monthly memberships to children, adults, and families, private / group lessons, adult beginner skateboard classes, youth workshops, day/weekly camps, and birthday parties.
We also attend schools, recreational centers, and community festivals with our mobile skatepark.


We use skateboarding as a tool that allows children and adults to explore their physical and mental capabilities.
We teach that failure, such as falling, is OK.
Through this process, they learn how to overcome the barriers which they will encounter throughout their lives.

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