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Skateboard Accessories In West Philly and Elkins Park

Skateboard Accessories

Skateboarding Summer Camp

Camp Price $600

Pre-registration is required for all camps.

Skate The Foundry

Your One-Stop Shop for Skateboarding Accessories in West Philly and Elkins Park.

Skate The Foundry is your one-stop shop for all things skateboarding in West Philly. We carry a wide selection of skateboards, longboards, cruisers, and scooters, as well as all the gear you need to protect yourself, like helmets, pads, and wrist guards. We also have a full selection of skate shoes, apparel, and accessories. We're more than just a skate shop, though. We're also a community hub for skateboarders of all levels. We host weekly skate jams, offer skate lessons, and have a skate park in our backyard. We're committed to supporting the local skate scene and helping people of all ages and abilities enjoy the sport of skateboarding.

Skateboard Decks

7.75 Santa Cruz Stranger Things

7.75 Santa Cruz Stranger Things

8.0 Santa Cruz Flier Dot

7.25 Santa Cruz Dot Blue

7.87 Toy Machine Bored Sect

7.8 Santa Cruz Screaming Hand

7.8 Creature Logo Wrap Complete

7.6 Almost PB&J Complete

7.87 Toy Machine Bored Sect

Skateboard Wheels

53mm Spitfire Bighead Green 99a Wheels

54MM Vomit Mini II Yellow 97A Slime Balls

56mm 86a Ricta Chrome Clouds WHTRED

57mm 99a Spitfire Burn Posse Wheels

Skateboard Accessories

Spitfire Wax Swirl Colors

Reflex Utility Tool Black

Spitfire Skate Tool

Bones Speed Cream

Skateboard Accessories On Sale

Looking to upgrade your skateboard gear? We've got you covered! We're currently having a sale on a wide selection of skateboard accessories

Come on down to Skate The Foundry today and see what we're all about!