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Purchase a Monthly Membership Plan

We are excited to announce that starting September 1st, our memberships will be updated to the following plans and pricing. Please note that children and teenagers 17 and younger can select any membership plan, including the 24/7 option. However, minors must have an adult present at all times when skating at STF during non-Open Skate hours when a staff member is not present. 

Please review our membership policy and community rules before purchasing a membership. Be aware that 24/7 Membership access can be revoked at any time for not following our community rules.

Pricing Per Month

Bronze Boarder


Silver Surfer


Premium Shredder


Family Pushers

$125/mo (2+People)

Pricing Per 6 Months

Bronze Boarder

$318/6 mo

saved $42

Bronze Boarder

$460/6 mo

saved $50

Bronze Boarder

$545/6 mo

saved $55

Bronze Boarder

$685/6 mo

saved $65

Key Features

Access only during Open Skate hours

Includes 30 Freeze Days (for 6/mo plans)

10% off merchandise

24/7 access to STF (Some restrictions during programs)

Bring one guest anytime for free (additional guest will cost $10)

35% off programs

Discounts on private lesson

Single lesson $20 off

3-pack $57 off

5-pack $90 off

New Premium Membership with 24/7 Access And New Standard Memberships

Coming September 1st!

Why Choose 24/7 Membership?

At Skate The Foundry, we want to give skaters the freedom to skate whenever they want. Due to fewer skaters visiting STF during the warm seasons, we’ve had to temporarily reduce our skatepark hours, limiting indoor skating opportunities. This restricts many of our Foundry Family from enjoying a safe, controlled environment, especially during mornings, nights, and weekends. Our new 24/7 Premium Membership solves this by offering unlimited access, allowing you to skate and progress at any time of day or night.

How It Works:

Our 24/7 Premium Members will receive a personalized access code, allowing them to enter the facility at their convenience. Please note, that there will be some weekend mornings when access will be limited due to programming. 

Membership Details:

  • Start Date: September 1st, 2024
  • Pre-Sales Begins: June 1st
  • Eligibility: Adults 18+. Minors may also have memberships, but a parent must accompany them at STF. Everyone must apply to become a Premium Member.