Private Lessons


Skate The Foundry is proud to provide a supportive and caring environment for welcoming new skaters into the world of skateboarding. We strive to create a place that anyone can learn and grow in. We are ready to work with a variety of skill levels and ages (as young as three years old!). 

We recognize that skating is more than tricks. We see every single day how our students excitedly push not only their physical limits but their mental ones as well. Through skating, they overcome failure, build self confidence, and express themselves creatively on top of getting a good work out. Skateboarding is more than a sport, it’s an outlet to be passionate about and grow through. 

We also know starting something new can be intimidating—we were all beginners at one point ourselves! In our private lessons, our kind and knowledgeable instructors will work with you one-on-one at your pace to reach your goals. We are more than teachers, we are motivators, supporters, and friends.

If you have ever wanted to try skateboarding, there is truly no better time than now and no better place than Skate The Foundry.

Beginner skaters are highly recommended to start with three private lessons before attempting to skateboard alone. When learning for the first time, It is most important to have an experienced skate instructor teach the basics in a safe and controlled space.

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Lesson Rate for ages 6-99/ hour:
One-on-one private Lesson: $70 | 3-Pack: $199.50 (5% OFF) | 5-Pack: $315 (10% OFF)
Semi Private Lesson Lesson: $100 ($50 each skater) | 3-Pack: $285 (5% OFF) | 5-Pack: $450 (10% OFF)
A group lesson of 3 skaters: $130 ($44 each skater) – To schedule, contact a STF location from below.

Lesson Rate for children age 4-6 / 45 minutes
One-on-one private: $60 | 3-Pack: $171(5% OFF) | 5-Pack: $270 (10% OFF)
To schedule, contact a STF location from below.

Lesson Rate for children age 3-4 / 30 minutes
One-on-one private: $50 | $142.50 (5% OFF) | 5-Pack: $225 (10% OFF)
To schedule, contact a STF location from below.

Skate The Foundry in West Philly (888 N 40th Street Philadelphia, PA 19104) – Indoor, air conditioned private park. | 215-954-0750

*** IMPORTANT *** Use a participant’s name and DOB when creating an account. Email address and phone number can be legal guardians’.

No refund is available under any circumstances after the payment is completed.

Instructions to Schedule a Lesson:

  1. All lessons must be scheduled and prepaid on through our website:
    • Create a WellnessLiving account with a participant’s name & DOB.
  2. For the inclement weather, please wait to receive an email from our staff for rescheduling.
  3. No refund/credit available for no show or late cancellation.
    • Early Cancellation: if you cancel 12 or more hours prior to the start time of your lesson, we can reschedule a lesson without any penalty.
    • Late Cancellation: if you notify us after the 12 hours period ended,  your lesson will be counted as if you attended.
  4. Appointments can be cancelled or rescheduled through our online booking system, or by sending an email ( or a text to (267) 410-6562.

* Once you request your lesson, we will send you an approval and confirmation email as soon as possible. If you don’t hear from us within 5 hours, please feel free to contact us.


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