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Andy Macdonald: Redefining Age Limits in Olympic Skateboarding

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Growing up in the late 90’s watching X-Games on ESPN, there was always that one skateboarder who competes in his distinctive yellow helmet, Sobe stickers on it wearing those signature Airwalk shoes, his name is Andy Macdonald better known as Andy Mac, and in an unprecedented development for the sport of skateboarding, Andy Macdonald is set to become the oldest Olympic skateboarder. Macdonald recently secured an NOC quota spot for the Paris 2024 Olympics at the Olympic Qualifiers Series in Budapest, solidifying his legacy in skateboarding history. 

Andy Macdonald


Andy Macdonald has been a towering figure in vert skateboarding for decades. Macdonald holds an impressive 23 X Games medals. His career, which began in the 1990s, has seen him compete against some of the most revered names in skateboarding, including Tony Hawk, Bob Burnquist, Pierre-Luc Gagnon, and Bucky Lasek. Back in 1998, he was the First X Games skateboarder to win medals in three disciplines including a then-popular X Games vert doubles competition, featuring two vert skaters per run. Remember Andy Mac and Tony Hawk’s doubles final run – that was pretty good!

Throughout his career, Macdonald has garnered support from leading brands such as Patagonia, Triple 8, Vans, Bones Bearings, Theeve Trucks, and 187 Killer Pads. He also rides for Skate One, who is the manufacturer behind the Powell Skateboard brands (he even rode and had a professional deck for Powell at one point). His technical proficiency is exemplified by his signature tricks, notably the huge Kickflip Indy Grabs, Slob Air and the 360 Varial McTwist, which have become benchmarks in vert skateboarding.

Born in 1973 in Melrose, Massachusetts, Macdonald’s British heritage, inherited from his father, allows him to represent Great Britain on the Olympic skateboarding team. This unique background adds another layer of distinction to his already illustrious career. As the Paris 2024 Olympics approach, the 50-year-old Macdonald will compete alongside fellow Great Britain skateboarder and rising talent Sky Brown. This will be only the second Olympics to feature skateboarding, highlighting the sport’s growing global recognition. Macdonald’s participation at this stage in his career further underscores his remarkable resilience and dedication to skateboarding. He will be competing in the men’s skateboard park contest.

I hope future Olympics will see vert skateboarding added to the skateboarding discipline, allowing Andy Macdonald and other vert legends to compete in the biggest stage in front of the world.

Andy Macdonald’s journey to Paris 2024 is not just a personal milestone but a significant moment in the history of skateboarding. His enduring passion and unwavering commitment to the sport serve as a powerful reminder that age is no barrier to achieving greatness in skateboarding. As he prepares to compete once again on the world stage, Macdonald continues to inspire and set an example for skateboarders around the globe, including myself – Good luck Andy Mac!

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