Updated Camp Information

Field Trips:

Three of our camps (Paine’s Park, STF West Philly, and STF Elkins Park) will include fieldtrips, traveled by foot/skateboards, to nearby areas during the camp days. Campers will be safely escorted by Foundry staff. Please check your camp descriptions for more details.
Paine’s Park – Around the Philadelphia Art Museum, Azalea Garden, Schuylkill River Trail, Von Colln Playground for spray grounds. 
STF West Philly – Fairmount Park, around Please Touch Museum, nearby spray grounds.
STF Elkins Park – Wall Park Skatepark

Rainy Days for Camps Outdoor Skateparks

  • If we have inclement weather at outdoor skateparks, the camp may be cancelled for that day, however, we will try our best to have the camp. If we cancel a camp day, we may be able to make up missed hours during the following days. For example, if we cancel a half-day camp on Tuesday due to the weather, we will extend the following camp days to end one hour later on Wed, Thu, and Fri to make up the 3 hours we missed on Tuesday. This may vary depending on a week/location, so please wait until you receive the instruction from Skate The Foundry.

COVID-19 Policy

  • We recommend that your child be vaccinated for Covid-19 before attending camp.
  • We also recommend that on the Sunday or Monday, before the start of the camp week, that your child take a Covid-19 rapid test. If your child is positive, please have them stay home. See below for Covid-19 Cancellation.
  • If a camper develops a cough during a program, a staff member may ask them to wear a mask. We may additionally contact the parents for an early pickup.

COVID-19 Related Cancellations:

  • If you or your child has been diagnosed with or are experiencing symptoms of Covid-19, please cancel your activity with us. Please do not show up and risk the chance of infecting other campers and our staff members.
  • If you or your child is experiencing a fever, we reserve the right to cancel their participation in camp.
  • If your child is experiencing symptoms prior to or during camp, please inform us immediately.
  • We will work directly with you to modify, cancel, or reschedule your child’s camp week if you need to cancel a portion of or your entire time at camp. 
  • All cancellations due to COVID-19 will receive a Skate The Foundry credit, which may be redeemed for future lessons, camps, or products. There will be no refund available under any circumstances.

Skate The Foundry Camp Policy

Cancellation for Camp: There will be no refund under any circumstances.

  • If Skate The Foundry is informed of your cancellation request 30 days prior to the first day of your registered camp week, we can issue a credit on your account after subtracting a registration/cancellation fee (see below).
  • Camp Registration Fees:
  • We have three types of Camp Registration Fees that is included in the tuition, which is NOT transferable or creditable.
  • $100 Summer Camp (Full Day) Registration Fee is included in the tuition. The Registration Fee is NOT transferable or creditable. 
  • $75 Summer Camp (Half Day) Registration Fee is included in the tuition. The Registration Fee is NOT transferable or creditable. 
  • $30 Holiday Day Camp Registration Fee is included in the tuition. The Registration Fee is NOT transferable or creditable.

If STF needs to cancel a camp day for any reason (weather, COVID-19, or any other unforeseeable cause), a full credit or a portion credit will be offered to registrants that can be used towards future programs. There will be no refund available under any circumstances.

Missed Days: We do not offer make ups for any missed days during the summer camp. Please keep your child well rested!

Late Pick Up Fee: If a camper is not picked up by the end of the camp time, you’ll be charged $20.

Safe Place for Everyone: If a camper misbehaves in any way (including, but not limited to: calling someone names, using curse words, any type of physical fights), our team has a right to address the issue with the campers involved as a one time notice. If it happens again with the same camper, we have a right to call the parents/guardians and ask them to pick up the child immediately. They are not allowed to come back for the rest of the week. Skate The Foundry has a right not to issue a refund for the week if this occurs.

We are all here to enjoy skateboarding and share the experience together. Please make sure that you children understands that if they do not respect Skate The Foundry’s rule, they will be asked to leave.

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