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FDR Skatepark: A Hub for Major Skateboarding Events

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FDR Skatepark, nestled under the I-95 overpass in Philadelphia, has long been an iconic spot in the skateboarding world. Over the years, it has evolved from a grassroots DIY skatepark into a premier venue hosting some of the biggest skateboard contests around. This year, 2024, FDR is set to continue its tradition by hosting the highly anticipated Queen of the Park. This premier event, celebrating female skateboarders from around the globe, promises to draw top talent and skate fans, making it a highlight of the skateboarding calendar.

FDR’s reputation as a go-to venue for major events is well-earned. It has a rich history of hosting annual gatherings that not only showcase incredible skateboarding skills but also foster a strong sense of community. Two standout events are the annual Toys for Tots drive and the Fourth of July celebrations. The Toys for Tots event, held during the holiday season, combines the joy of skateboarding with charitable giving, bringing the community together to support a great cause. Meanwhile, the Fourth of July celebrations at FDR are legendary, featuring impressive displays of skateboarding alongside patriotic festivities, creating a unique and exhilarating experience for all who attend.


Adding to its colorful history, FDR hosts the unique Drunk vs. Sober competition. This annual event sees skateboarders split into two teams: skating either drunk or sober. This quirky and hilarious event is a testament to the park’s inclusive and fun-loving culture, drawing large crowds who come to witness the playful rivalry and the impressive tricks performed under unusual conditions. This is my favorite event at FDR. You won’t see anything like this in televised skateboard contests – it’s unique to FDR skatepark!

Beyond these annual events, FDR has been the venue for numerous large-scale skateboarding competitions sponsored by major brands like Subaru, Yamaha, Independent Trucks, and Creature. These events have not only drawn large crowds but have also highlighted FDR’s significance as a central hub in the skateboarding scene. The support from these big-name sponsors has helped elevate the park’s profile, attracting even more top-tier skateboarders and fans from across the country and beyond.

One of the most memorable events in FDR’s storied history was the 2005 Gravity Games (See the full story here). Similar to the X-Games, it was a televised skateboard contest that brought national attention to the park. This marked a landmark moment for FDR, demonstrating its capability to host competitions on a grand scale and further solidifying its reputation in the skateboarding world. The Gravity Games showcased some of the best skateboarders of the time to fans who traveled all over the world to attend. The event’s organizers added an interesting twist by having local FDR skateboarders compete alongside top professional skaters like Rune Glifberg, Omar Hassan, and Kyle Berard, just to name a few. Omar Hassan took 1st place in the competition.

FDR Skatepark shows no signs of slowing down.  From major contests like Queen of the Park to beloved annual events like Drunk vs. Sober, the park’s ability to host a wide variety of events keeps the love for skateboarding burning bright.  This unique blend of down-to-earth charm and top-notch facilities makes FDR a cherished venue for all skill levels, attracting everyone from local shredders to world-famous pros.  

In conclusion, FDR Skatepark is more than just a place to skate; it’s a cultural landmark that brings people together through the shared passion for skateboarding. Whether it’s hosting large-scale competitions or community-driven events, FDR continues to play a crucial role in the skateboarding world, ensuring that the spirit of the sport remains alive and well. As the park prepares to host another exciting year of events, the skateboarding community eagerly anticipates the thrills and camaraderie that only FDR can provide. Queen of the Park hits FDR in just a few days – who are you rooting for?

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