Private Skate Lessons

All Private Lessons are now offered virtually OR in-person at public skateparks.

About the Virtual Lesson:
Virtual skate lessons are 30 minutes long. The tricks and/or maneuvers that are best to learn require a flat surface. Some people use their home driveway, garage, or an empty parking lot. It’s important to have a quiet area so that the skater and instructor can communicate effectively. Once the location is picked out, the skater will place their phone/tablet 5ft away from them. The instructor and skater will do a brief warmup and stretch. After the warmup, the instructor will demonstrate a trick that the skater wants to learn, and then break down the movements step by step. The skater will follow along repeating each step until ready to add an additional step, moving them closer to the final trick. Depending on the pace of the lesson, the instructor may add additional tricks and moves to try. At the end of the lesson the skater will be given a skate assignment that can be practiced at home. 

Price: 30 minute private lesson $40 (Members $30)
For additional information click the link below.

For in-person lessons, please visit HERE.

Registration through our online booking (Wellness Living):
When creating an account, please use a participant’s name and DOB for an account. Email address and phone number can be yours (parents/guardians).

When having trouble signing in:
1. Clear your browser/cookies histories.
2. Use a private browser to sign in.
3. If you still can’t sign in, please do not hesitate to email us at

Disclaimer: As is the case with any public or outside facility, you and the participant may be exposed to the COVID-19 Virus. The participant and your decision to skateboard and take a private skate lesson is made knowingly and voluntarily by you and the participant with full knowledge of this risk. If you and the participant disagree, do not schedule a private lesson. Otherwise, the participant and your participation in the skate lesson shall constitute a waiver, and will release Skate The Foundry from any and all liability with respect to exposure to the COVID-19 virus.