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Professional Decks vs. Blank Decks: Choosing the Right Skateboard

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Professional Decks vs. Blank Decks: Choosing the Right Skateboard

When stepping into a skate shop or browsing online, skateboarders are often presented with a multitude of choices. These choices primarily fall between professional decks – high-quality, professional-grade skateboards from brands like Blind, Enjoi, Element, and Stereo Skateboards – and possibly a few blank decks, such as Mini Logo or undecorated ones. It’s important to note that most blank decks need to be purchased online, as many shops don’t carry them. Understanding the differences between these options can help you make a more informed decision about which deck best suits your skating style and budget.

Professional and Team Decks

Professional decks are the skateboards that you see most often at skateparks and skate shops, which all professional skateboarders use and are among the most popular options in the skateboarding world. Manufactured by top woodshops using high-quality materials, these decks are designed to meet the rigorous demands of skateboarding.

Key Features of Professional Decks:

  • Quality and Durability: Built from superior wood, often enhanced with technology like fiber or carbon layers and matte finishing for easier sliding. These top-quality boards are typically produced by manufacturers like PS Stix, BBS (Generator), Watsons Laminates, and HLC.
  • Size Availability: Available in various sizes and shapes, sometimes tailored to a professional skater’s specifications. In my experience,professional decks normally have sizes that you won’t find on a blank deck such as 8.125 or 7.9s.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Wide range of graphics and designs, making them visually attractive. Remember those dipped decks before? Those were cool! 
  • Endorsement: Carrying the names of some of the biggest brands and professional skaters in the industry.
  • Price Range: Typically priced from medium to high, reflecting their premium build and features. Prices generally range from $50 to $80.

A few known brands when it comes to professional decks:

Blank Decks: The Budget-Friendly Choice

Blank decks are significantly cheaper than pro decks and offer a more understated option for skateboarders. These decks lack the branding and endorsements found on pro decks, which cuts down on their cost. – Perfect for the budget conscious skateboarder like me! 

Benefits of Blank Decks:

  • Affordability: Cost significantly less than pro decks, with prices often between $20 and $40. Fresh pop for $20 count me in!
  • Quality: Many use the same high-quality woods as pro decks, although some may feature lower quality materials, such as the glue, epoxy, etc. 
  • Customization: Ideal for skateboarders who prefer to add their own designs or artwork to their board. My inner Banksy will be happy writing some cool graffiti on my blank deck!
  • Variety: Some established skateboard brands offer blank decks as “price point products” to cater to budget-conscious buyers. 

A few Brands Offering Quality Blank Decks:

Which Deck Should You Choose?

Both pro decks and blank decks have their own set of advantages. The choice often comes down to personal preference and budget. Pro decks offer durability, top-tier materials, and the thrill of using the same gear as professional skaters. On the other hand, blank decks are a great option for those who want to customize their board or seek a more affordable entry into skateboarding.

The decision between a pro deck and a blank deck is just one step on your skateboarding journey. Both options offer unique paths to progression. Whether it’s a pro deck or a blank deck, keep pushing your limits! Happy skateboarding!

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