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The Iconic Skateboard Brands Redefining the Industry

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Beyond Skateboards. The Iconic Brands Redefining the Industry

Skateboarding has always been synonymous with innovation and creativity, both on and off the board. Over the years, several skateboard companies, initially famous for their core skateboarding products, have ventured into creating products that are completely opposite of what they were originally known for. This exploration has not only expanded their brand reach but has also introduced their craftsmanship to a broader audience. Here’s a closer look at some iconic skateboard companies that have branched out beyond their skateboarding roots.


Santa Cruz Skateboards

  • Santa Cruz Skateboards is one of the most iconic brands in the world of skateboarding, renowned for their skateboard decks featuring the Jim Phillips’ Screaming Hand graphic and their iconic colorful Slimeball wheels. However, in 1989, Santa Cruz expanded their horizons by venturing into snowboarding, producing snowboard equipment like boards, bindings, and boots. This move demonstrated their ability to adapt and innovate in the action sports industry, providing high-quality products across different disciplines.

DC Shoes

  • DC Shoes – is a household name in skateboarding footwear, known for their pioneering technical skateboarding shoes. Iconic models like the DC Lynx, the Josh Kalis pro model series, and the Manteca have left a significant mark on skate culture and pop culture. Beyond their dominance in skateboarding shoes, DC Shoes made a notable entry into snowboarding, particularly with their snowboard boots. This diversification has allowed them to maintain their relevance and appeal in both the skateboarding and snowboarding communities. This explains why I kept seeing DC brands on snowboards during my early years of skateboarding. 

Shorty’s Skateboards

  • Shorty’s Skateboards – has been a household name since its founding in 1992 by Tony Buyalos and April Hamrick. They gained fame with iconic graphics like Chad Muska’s silhouette deck. Beyond their standout decks, Shorty’s also garnered a following for their innovative products, such as the Silverado hardware, known for its two bolt colors indicating the nose or tail of the skateboard, and their Doh-Doh bushings, which became popular in the skateboarding world.

Powell Peralta

  • Powell Peralta – are one of the original skateboard brands that have been around since the early days of skateboarding, known for a legacy that includes legendary skaters like Tony Hawk, Steve Caballero, and Mike McGill. Besides their iconic skateboard decks, Powell Peralta expanded into the bicycle industry, producing BMX and mountain bikes. This diversification highlights their commitment to quality and performance, regardless of the sport. Imagine a bike with Powell Peralta’s iconic logo on the bike frame. That would be cool!

Globe Shoes

  • Globe Shoes – is a significant player in the skate shoe market, pushing the boundaries of technical skate footwear. They have sponsored famous skateboarders like Rodney Mullen, Chet Thomas, and Mark Appleyard, and created iconic skateboard videos like the Globe Opinion. Check it out! In addition to their footwear success, Globe also started producing surfboard apparel and various skateboard products, including decks and wheels. This expansion into different action sports sectors shows their versatility and dedication to catering to a wide range of athletes.

Element Skateboards

  • Element Skateboards – is renowned for their high-quality skateboard decks and their outdoor apparel. However, Element doesn’t stop at high-quality decks and apparel. They also produce skateboard obstacles such as their adjustable flat bar rail, and launched a line of footwear branded under Element. Their ability to diversify while maintaining a strong presence in skateboarding underscores their dynamic approach to the industry.

Osiris Shoes

  • Osiris Shoes – Osiris Shoes is another big name in the skate shoe market, known for their technical designs and the iconic D3 shoe. One of their most innovative products is the G Bag, a skateboard-specific bag equipped with speakers. This unique product highlights Osiris’ creativity and willingness to explore unconventional ideas that resonate with skaters. In the early 2000s having a skate session with my friends while blasting my favorite skateboard video soundtracks through the G Bag’s speakers is a testament to this.

Jessup Griptape

  • Jessup Griptape – has been a staple in skateboarding for years, providing reliable and top-quality griptape for countless skaters like myself.  In my personal opinion, they are the best compared to other griptape brands in the market. Beyond skateboarding, Jessup ventured into the industrial sector, producing non-slip solutions for various applications, including stairs and ladders. Their expansion into safety solutions showcases their ability to apply their expertise in grip technology to different markets.

Speed Demons

  • Speed Demons – made a name for themselves with their high-quality bearings, used by top professional skaters like Daewon Song. Speed Demons strategically expanded their product line to include budget-friendly skateboard decks, wheels, and accessories. This strategic move allowed Speed Demons to cater to a broader audience while maintaining their reputation for skateboard bearings quality and performance.

Tony Hawk

  • Tony HawkThis list wouldn’t be complete without Tony Hawk, one of the most famous skateboarders in the world. He has successfully marketed his name beyond skateboarding. Known for the legendary Tony Hawk Pro Skater video game series, Tony Hawk has built a brand that extends into various entertainment and merchandise ventures. His ability to leverage his skateboarding fame into a multifaceted brand is a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit and influence.ceted brand is a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit and influence.

In conclusion, skateboard companies’ ventures into diverse product lines exemplify the innovative spirit inherent in skateboarding culture. While some may be unexpected, these products have the potential to make a mark not only within skateboarding but also beyond.  These ventures not only showcase their versatility, but also continue to shape and inspire the broader action sports community.

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