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The Road To Tampa (Full Video)

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? The Road To Tampa was an idea Skate The Foundry had to take the local talent From the Philadelphia and New Jersey area to one of the largest amateur skate contest in the world. The Tampa Am. Tampa AM is a DREAM for anyone trying to pursue skateboarding full-time. We believe that the skateboarders we have chosen are both skilled and deserving.

Our list of the skaters: Tyler Nelson, John Valentin, Tyler Menges, Dan Bally, Damir Bishop, Bic Melusa, Kevin Cortelyou, JC Maldonado, Brett Williams, and Gustavo Adolfo Antonio Hernendez Frias Arevalo Jr.

Directed by JC Maldonado

Filmed: Nina Fratto, Sean K, Jon Lewinksi, Brett Williams

Edited by: Adrian Criner

Special Thanks: JC Maldonado, Brett Williams, Ryan Oneil, Lamar Upham, Tyler Shipley, Nate H, Maddog Phil, Melanie Barlett, Jersey Mike