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Building Community Through Skateboarding: The Story of 4th Street Skatepark

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Nestled in the heart of Lansdale Borough, Pennsylvania, the 4th Street Skatepark—also known as Lansdale Skatepark—stands as a testament to the power of persistence and community effort. This modern skatepark has become a home for skaters of all ages.

However, its journey from concept to completion was far from smooth, taking quite some time before it was finally finished. This accomplishment is a credit to the amazing skateboarders and the dedicated Lansdale Borough community.

The Story of 4th Street Skatepark

Prior to the construction of 4th Street Skatepark, Lansdale Borough skateboarders relied on two spots: a DIY location called Tombstone and an indoor facility named Cheapskates in Colmar. Unfortunately, both locations closed, leaving skaters without a dedicated space. The story of 4th Street Skatepark exemplifies patience and perseverance.

Discussions about building a skatepark in Lansdale began decades ago. However, the project faced numerous obstacles over the years, including lengthy planning phases, multiple attempts to secure bids and contracts, and the unforeseen challenges of a global pandemic. Securing funding from the city proved especially difficult during this time, as the pandemic significantly impacted budgets. It’s easy to imagine the immense frustration Lansdale skaters must have felt after years of planning, only to face this new hurdle.

In October 2019, the Lansdale Borough Council finally approved the construction of the skatepark, marking the end of a three-year period filled with planning and failed bidding periods. The first bid attempt saw no submissions, largely due to an overly ambitious timeline. The second attempt drew multiple bids, but all were from West Coast companies and exceeded the project’s budget. These setbacks necessitated a re-engineering of the project to attract local bidders.

Ultimately, the construction contract was awarded to Langhorne-based Fifth Pocket Skateparks for $369,800. The site work and surrounding infrastructure contract went to Marino Corporation, amounting to $214,381. Together, the total projected cost of the skatepark came to approximately $585,000, which was notably $115,000 below the estimated budget of $700,000 from the previous year.

Funding for the project was a collaborative effort. It was supported by a $220,000 grant, a $220,000 match from the Lansdale Parking Authority, and $145,000 from the borough’s capital projects budget, ensuring that the financial gap was effectively bridged.

In 2020, the 4th Street Skatepark (located at 349 E 4th St, Lansdale, PA 19446) finally opened its gates after years of much-anticipated hard work. It quickly became a beloved community asset, serving not only as a haven for skaters to hone their skills and enjoy their sport but also as a symbol of what can be achieved through dedication and collective effort. A huge win for the Lansdale Borough community and a dream come true for local skateboarders. One can only imagine the excitement of Lansdale skaters finally having a dedicated space to shred.

The Lansdale Skatepark’s story is an inspiration! It reminds us that with perseverance, community spirit, and dedication, even the most ambitious projects can become a reality. The 4th Street Skatepark is a home for skaters of all skill sets, fostering a thriving space for athletic growth and community connection. It’s a must-visit for any skater in the area!

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