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We are getting a bowl!

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We are excited to announce that we are currently expanding our West Philly location to include a bowl built by 5th Pocket Skateparks. For those who have ever skated Skate The Cellar from years back, will find this bowl to be very similar. In fact, this bowl will be almost an exact replica of The Cellar bowl. The completion of the bowl will be mid March of this year. You can follow our Instagram and 5th Pocket Skatepark’s Instagram to see updates on the progress.  


Not only will we have a bowl, but also have a full skate shop, and a comfortable area where parents can wait, shop, or hangout inside the facility during a lesson or program.  


Sign up for our Spring 1 & 2 programs in West Philly to be one of the first skaters to enjoy the bowl during a program. All programs will consist of bowl riding. 
After School Club – Register Here
Weekend Course – Register Here
Adult Beginner Course – Register Here


With the new addition of extra skate space, we will expand our Open Skate hours and not close the entire facility during a program or lesson. We will now leave the facility open throughout the entire day, but section off an area during a program. 


Members will have the opportunity to have an exclusive skate day of STF prior to the grand opening. We will provide an exact day towards the end of the month.  
Membership Information Here


Celebrate your special day by learning how to skateboard! Birthday parties are scheduled outside of our operating hours, so you and your guests will have the entire skatepark to yourself! Parties include free skateboard & safety equipment rentals, two instructors, 60 minute skate lesson, music and games. Food and drinks are provided by the guests if everyone attending is vaccinated.