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Winter Skate Survival Guide: Keeping the Skate Stoke Lit With Skate The Foundry

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Winter Skate Survival Guide

Winter’s icy grip tightens, but fear not, shredders! Skate The Foundry ignites your skate stoke, year-round. This guide unlocks the secrets to conquering winter skateboarding: from frosty-friendly gear to indoor shred sanctuaries. Buckle up, it’s time to conquer the cold season on your board!

Gearing Up:

  • Deck: Be sure to have a spare deck. Wet snow can damage and waterlog boards, and they tend to wear out faster in winter.
  • Wheels: Softer and larger wheels (90-70 durometer, 54mm-57mm) offer better grip on slick surfaces. We recommend the Spitfire Full Conical 97a 56mm.
  • Bearings: Clean and lube your bearings regularly. Cold weather slows them down, so keep them rolling freely.
  • Hardware: Frequently check your bolts, especially before dropping in. Cold temperatures can shrink metal, so tighten up to avoid surprises with loose hardware.
  • Bushings: Consider switching to softer bushings to compensate for stiffer bearings in cold weather. Avoid surprises by keeping your board indoors when not in use.

Pro Tip: Leaving your board outside or in the car overnight can make the trucks stiff and the wheels slicker, hindering your ride.

Safety First, Shred Later:

  • Layer Up: Wear thermal layers, windproof jackets, gloves, and beanies. Balance warmth with mobility; choose clothes that allow you to stretch and bend freely. You don’t want your outfit restricting your tricks!
  • Be Visible: Short days demand high visibility. Reflective gear and stickers/tape on your board make you noticeable, especially important for skaters who use their boards for transportation.
  • Ice: Watch out for slippery surfaces! Wet patches and sneaky ice are a skater’s worst enemy. Stay alert and avoid their frosty grip.

Winter doesn’t have to mean hibernation for your inner shredder. With the right gear, safety smarts, and a dose of winter stoke, you can keep shredding all year round. So, grab your board and embrace the chill!