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Filmer Skateboard Setup Guide

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Optimizing Filmer Skateboard Setups: A Comprehensive Guide

Ever wondered how top skateboard filmers like Dan Wolfe, Ty Evans, and Nigel Alexander achieve such steady filming? I’ve always wondered about that one since I started watching skateboard videos. Creating high-quality skateboarding videos requires a specialized skateboard setup. Filmer skateboards are designed with unique features to ensure stability, smoothness, and filming precision. Here’s your guide to understanding and setting up a filmer skateboard.

  1. Choose a Wider Board – Choose a wider deck than your usual skateboard. The increased width enhances stability, crucial for maintaining balance while filming. However, personal preference still plays a role – some filmers, like 411VM filmer Anthony Claravall with his guest board from 8FIVE2, a skate shop in Hong Kong, prefer shaped boards for better stylistic fit. Others simply stick to their regular deck size
  1. The Golden Rule: Softer and Larger Wheels – Many filers swear by softer wheels, typically in the 78A to 85A durometer range. These wheels offer a smoother ride, reducing vibrations that can ruin footage.  Larger wheels are another key element, helping you roll over cracks and obstacles for a stable filming platform. A popular choice is the Bones ATF (All Terrain Formula).
  2. Use Wider Trucks – Equip your skateboard with wider trucks for enhanced stability and control. This allows you to closely follow the action without wobbling, especially important when navigating rough surfaces while filming. A prime example is Ty Evans’ filming of Mike Carroll’s line in “Fully Flared,” where Ty Evans ollies up a curb and stairs to capture the perfect shot, demonstrating the superior control wider trucks provide for filming skateboarding.
  1. Opt for Enclosed Bearings – Opt for enclosed bearings, meaning those with bearing shields. These bearings are quieter than standard ones, preventing unwanted noise from ruining your audio – a crucial detail according to Powell Skateboards filmer Nigel Alexander, who considers noisy bearings an amateur mistake.
  2. Add Camera Mounts – Consider adding camera mounts to your skateboard. These mounts can enhance filming stability, allowing you to capture creative and dynamic shots without compromising on quality.
  3. Customize for Your Needs – While the basics remain consistent, each filmer’s setup can vary based on personal preference and filming style. Experiment with different setups until you get the perfect filming skateboard setup.

Quick Filmer Setup Checklist:

  • Wider board for better balance.
  • Softer wheels (78A-85A) for smooth rides.
  • Wider trucks for enhanced control.
  • Larger wheels for smoother navigation.
  • Camera mounts for filming stability.
  • Enclosed bearings for quieter operation.

By following this guide, you’ll be well-equipped to create a filmer skateboard setup that ensures smooth, stable, and professional-looking skateboarding videos. Happy skateboarding and filming with your friends!

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