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Foundry Logo Pasted Up by Amberella

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Skateboarding is a culture intertwined with many artistic people. We at The Foundry were fortunate that our friend Scott Kemic created the Foundry logo. Months after Kemic created our logo, the iconic artist, Amber Lynn aka Amberella, came to The Foundry to paste it up. Within skateboarding, you have to fight and sometimes suffer to get a trick, and in Amberella’s work there is no difference. The day she came to paste up our logo, the temperature inside our building was in single digits. Her hands lost feeling and color, however, she consistently pushed her hands in a bucket of glue to paste up.

 About Amberella:

“Amber Lynn aka Amberella is a Philadelphia based mixed media and street artist. Most of her work is conceptual and often comments on popular culture, body image, social justices, or lady drama. She draws inspiration from past and present personal life experiences. Her work, raw and vulnerable, seeks to touch on the viewer’s emotions and evoke feeling upon first glance.” – http://www.amberellaxo.com/

To see more of her work and to get in contact with her visit her page, http://www.amberellaxo.com/