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Go Skateboarding Day: Uniting Skaters on June 21st

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Every June 21st, skateboarders worldwide come together for Go Skateboarding Day, a vibrant celebration that unites enthusiasts in their love for the sport. This special day was born from the imaginative mind of Don Brown, a marketing executive at Sole Tech, and has since grown into a global phenomenon.

Go Skateboarding Day first rolled out in 2004, thanks to Don Brown and the International Association of Skateboard Companies (IASC). Initially a series of events put together by local skate shops and communities, it quickly gained traction. By the following year, mainstream media caught wind of it, and its popularity soared, spreading beyond the United States to captivate skateboarders around the globe. What began as a simple idea turned into a universal call to action, encouraging people everywhere to pick up their boards and hit the streets. I still remember the very first Go Skateboarding Day I attended. As one of those young skateboarders at that time, it was one of the most memorable things that happened to me in my skateboarding year. That’s also when I realized there were a lot of skateboarders in my city.

June 21st is marked by a whirlwind of skateboarding activities in cities and towns worldwide. From exhilarating skate jams and contests to community events featuring giveaways, skateboarding clinics, and delicious food, there’s an event for every skater. Skate parks are full of excitement, and the city transforms into spots of creativity and skill. Street skating, in particular, is a favorite way to celebrate. For example, Emerica, another Sole Tech brand, hosts “Wild at the Streets,” where their pros join skaters on street missions, creating an electrifying atmosphere. These events draw large crowds, fostering a strong sense of community among participants.

In addition to the different activities mentioned above, Go Skateboarding Day is also a platform to support important causes. A shining example is Ryan Sheckler’s foundation, which hosted the “Skate for a Cause” event last year. This family-friendly fundraiser supported his foundation’s skateboarding programs, demonstrating how the skateboarding community can unite for positive change. Events like these highlight the potential of skateboarding to contribute to social initiatives and community building, showcasing its impact beyond just the ramps and rails.

In my personal opinion, one of the most beautiful aspects of Go Skateboarding Day is its ability to inspire those unfamiliar with the world of skateboarding. It’s an opportunity to introduce new people to skateboarding and share the joy and camaraderie it brings. Skateboarding clinics held on this day offer newcomers a chance to learn from experienced skaters, making the sport more accessible and inviting. Many skaters trace their love for the sport back to their first Go Skateboarding Day experience, underscoring the event’s role in breaking down barriers and welcoming people of all ages and backgrounds. 

Fun fact: Did you know that on the other side of the globe last June 21st, 2017, DC Shoes hosted the largest skateboard parade in the Philippines? A record-breaking 1,108 skateboarders participated, showcasing the far-reaching love for skateboarding. This event not only set a new record but also underscored the unity and enthusiasm within the skateboarding community. It’s a testament to how Go Skateboarding Day brings people together, regardless of location, to celebrate their shared passion.

This day of celebrating skateboarding continues to evolve, its impact on the global skateboarding community deepens. Each year, new traditions emerge, and more skaters find their place within this vibrant culture. The event’s ability to adapt and expand ensures that it will remain a cornerstone of the skateboarding calendar for years to come.

As a skateboarder for the past two decades, I’ve been a part of many Go Skateboarding Day events. Every year, it grows bigger. The future looks bright for Go Skateboarding Day – it’s a day we celebrate our love and passion for skateboarding: not just the tricks, but also the sense of community and the joy of inspiring others to pick up a board.

Whether you’re a seasoned skater or just curious about the sport, Go Skateboarding Day is the perfect opportunity to grab a board, join the festivities, and be part of a worldwide movement. Embrace the spirit of adventure, the joy of mastering new tricks, and the thrill of riding with friends. This June 21st, head to the streets, skate parks, and local events to experience the excitement and community that Go Skateboarding Day brings to life.

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