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Portable Skateboard Ramps: Create your Own Skatepark at Home

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Back in the day, flipping through Transworld Skateboarding Magazine as a grom, I’d constantly come across Ramptech’s print ads. Their ramps weren’t your typical ones from other companies. What made them different? Simply, black ramps with “SkateLite” branding on top.

From ledges and flat rails to those mellow banks that could be connected together, these skateboard ramp companies offered a unique option: build your own personal mini-skatepark!

Here’s why you should consider portable skateboard ramps for your driveway.

Portable Ramps are Fun:

Portable ramps are a must have for skateboarders of all levels. Forget those ramp plans and all the manual labor work – these ramps are built for your convenience and can set it up within minutes. Here’s why you should consider having a portable ramps:

  • Easy Setup: These portable ramps are easy-to-setup and can be easily assembled within minutes.
  • Adjustable Heights: My personal favorite feature of portable ramps which makes it perfect for beginners and advanced skaters who are trying to lock those tricks in.
  • Choose Your Obstacle: Grind boxes, rails, launch ramps, quarter pipes – time to show your creativity with your mini-skatepark.
  • Safety First: Skate with confidence on high-quality ramps and no need to worry about those loose nails or uneven rails. 
  • Skate Anywhere: No skatepark nearby? No problem, let those portable ramps be your answer.
  • Practice Anytime: Morning or afternoon sessions everyone? No need to rush landing those tricks before the skatepark lights turn off. 
  • Family Fun: Turn your driveway into an epic skatepark and have fun with your siblings and parents. Let your dad carry the VX1000 and be the next Ty Evans in your family!

Skateboard Ramp Companies to Check Out:

Since you already know the advantages of portable ramps, let’s check out some of the companies that are leading the charge:

  • Ramptech – These guys have been around since the early 2000s, gracing the pages of countless skate mags with their iconic portable ramps. They are one of the OG’s when it comes to portable ramps. 
  • Keen Ramps – Keen Ramps offers a variety of obstacles from ledges, rails to even mini ramps. Keen Ramps is always featured on Dan Corrigan’s YouTube vlogs.
  • OC Ramps  – Another OG when it comes to portable ramps and they have been in the ramp building business since 1997. They offer a wide selection of ramps to every skaters needs.
  • American Ramp Company – Another industry leader with over 20 years of ramp building experience, American Ramp Company delivers top-notch portable ramps built to withstand the heaviest tricks of even the most talented skaters.
  • Freshpark – A personal favorite and one of the brands I trusted the most when it comes to portable skateboard ramps. They offer a wide selection of ramps, including launch ramps, adjustable grind boxes and rails – perfect for practicing those hard backside noseblunts!
  • Element – While Element is known for their iconic deck and nostalgic skate videos, they also offer a few portable skateboard obstacles such as their famous adjustable flatbar rail with Element branding on it. Simple but yet functional.

My Overall Opinion

Portable ramps are a dream come true for skaters of all levels. Whether you’re a beginner learning to do your first backside boardslide or a skateboarder looking to perfect those hard kickflip backside smith grinds, there’s a portable ramp setup out there waiting for you. It’s time to pick up your skateboard, clear the driveway, set up those portable skateboard ramps with ease and start having fun with your friends.

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