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Women Pushing Skateboarding To The Olympics

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In the early days of women’s skateboarding, it was extremely rare to see female skaters competing.  Major contests like Tampa Pro didn’t have separate categories for women, and I remember watching Elissa Steamer compete in the men’s division

Rayssa Leal’s Viral Video

Fast forward to today, and women’s skateboarding is a full-fledged Olympic sport wowing audiences worldwide. Introduced at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the sport captured hearts with inspiring stories of perseverance, like Rayssa Leal’s viral video of her landing a heelflip in a fairy tale costume. Her journey, from that video to winning an Olympic medal, truly inspired me. 

The progression of skateboarding tricks has been phenomenal, with top female skaters worldwide continuing to push the sport and break barriers.

In the early days of women’s skateboarding, and when I was a teenager, there were only a few female professional skateboarders that I knew of, like Jamie Reyes, Elissa Steamer, and Cara-Beth Burnside. These pioneers paved the way for future generations of female skateboarders.

The progression of women’s skateboarding has empowered countless skaters, both beginners and pros. Many have even landed sponsorships with top companies. Take Rayssa Leal, who turned pro for April Skateboards, or Leticia Buffoni, who co-founded her own brand, Monarch Project Skateboards, alongside Sky Brown, another prominent figure in the sport. 

There are also champions like Monica Torres, the first-ever Battle at The Berrics Women’s champion, who’s another of my favorite skaters. And don’t forget skaters like Beatrice Domond, who received her own signature shoe colorway from Vans.

The rise in women’s skateboarding has also opened doors in other fields. We’ve seen the rise of female content creators like Haley Issak, Surfsterre and Skate Moss, who upload weekly skateboarding and lifestyle content, inspiring a new generation.

Women’s skateboarding dismantles the stereotype that skateparks are just for boys, encouraging young girls to embrace skateboarding without fear of intimidation. 

With the Paris 2024 Olympics on the horizon, women’s skateboarding will once again shine in the spotlight, highlighting the talent of female skaters across the globe. Get ready, because your favorite women’s pro skaters are about to land their biggest and most impressive tricks on skateboarding’s largest stage.

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