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Skatepark Destinations A Guide for Your Holiday Travels

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Skatepark Destinations: A Guide for Your Holiday Travels

As the holiday season approaches, many of our STF families will be hitting the road, but why leave your skateboard behind? To make your travels more exciting, we’ve put together a list of indoor skatepark facilities across the country that are well worth a visit! Whether you’re a local skater and plan to stay in the Philadelphia region, catch some sun rays in Florida, or travel across the country to SoCal, this list is here to help you discover new skateparks to explore during your holiday adventures. So, pack your board and let’s drop into some exciting skatepark destinations!


California Training Facility, San Diego


If you’ve ever wanted to skate in an X-Games, Street League, or any other professional skatepark, this is the place to do it. This facility has it all, offering lessons and open skate sessions. However, be sure to check their website and Instagram before showing up for open skate since their hours can vary. This is because it’s where top skaters from around the world train year-round.


Newport Skatepark, New Port


This outdoor park is an exception to the list because there aren’t any indoor parks in Delaware. While this place is primarily known among scooter riders, both skateboarding and biking are allowed. It’s not your typical skatepark for skaters, given the high ramps and tabletop features more commonly found in bike parks. However, it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re passing through Delaware. Just keep in mind that helmets are required.


Skatepark of Tampa, Tampa


Among all the skateparks on this list, Skatepark of Tampa deserves the number one spot. They offer a wide range of features that cater to every skater’s desires. This includes a professional street course, a mini street course, indoor bowl, a professional concrete bowl, and a newly added half-pipe. Moreover, they have a full-fledged skateshop where you can find exclusive products, as well as a bar/restaurant area! So, parents, while the kids are enjoying their skating, you can relax and enjoy a beer and a meal as you wait.

Ramp 48, Ft. Lauderdale


If you’re exploring southern Florida, the next three places are worth checking out. Ramp 48 offers a unique blend of early 2000s park aesthetics with modern obstacles and features. It’s a spacious skatepark featuring a halfpipe and a large sized street course. You might even find it similar to Charm City Skatepark in Baltimore (see below). Additionally, this place includes a skateshop.

Lot 11 Skatepark, Miami


Here’s another exception to the list, as this is an outdoor skatepark located under a bridge. This public concrete skatepark offers a mix of everything, including a large bowl and a street course. Although it’s fairly new, it attracts skaters from across the world. The street course features some really cool elements that are exact replicas of ‘street spots’ from around the world. For example, if you’ve ever wanted to experience what it’s like to skate Pier 7 in San Francisco, come here to check it out.

Skatebird, Miami


This is a unique skatepark, which is semi-outdoor. Originally created to host Street League events, it now serves as a semi-private skatepark offering lessons, open skate sessions, and hosting various contests. It also features a skate shop to cater to all your skateboarding needs!

New Jersey

Freedom Skatepark, Trenton


We almost feel like this is an indoor FDR, as it keeps getting bigger and better. This indoor skatepark, a non-profit supporting the NJ skate scene, welcomes all skaters. The skatepark features a wide variety of wooden features, some of which you may recognize from the House of Vans that was previously in Philly. They also offer lessons! Just be aware that the building does not have indoor climate control, but don’t let that deter you from checking out this amazing place.

New York

Substance Skatepark, Brooklyn


Definitely a must-visit facility during your stay in New York. They offer a full street course, a vert ramp, a mini ramp, and a small-scale skate shop. Be sure to check their hours before stopping by, as it’s a ‘key holder’ facility. However, they also provide opportunities for the public to skate. During your session, you might even run into some New York pros or Olympic pro skater Bombette Martin cruising around.

Skate Yogi (2 locations)


  1. Prospect Lefferts Gardens
    This is the original Skate Yogi location and the go-to place for skateboard lessons and programs, without a doubt. The family who owns the location are great friends of ours at Skate The Foundry, and we often skate together when visiting each other’s city. Their programs are, hands down, the best around. The skatepark has a wide variety of movable objects and a full skate shop
  1. Williamsburg
    Skate Yogi’s newest location offers a wide range of obstacles, including two mini-ramps (one is outside!), and various other features. This skatepark is quite similar to our Skate The Foundry Elkins Park location, but with a much larger skating area. It’s a family-friendly facility and an excellent choice for beginners of all ages. Be sure to give them a call to check for their Open Skate hours, as they may have ongoing programs.

2nd Nature Skate Park, Peekskill


An 8,000 sqft skatepark located just outside of New York City, this skatepark features a massive street course, spacious enough to accommodate multiple sessions at once. Additionally, they have a uniquely designed bowl, similar in size to the one at Skate The Foundry but with its own distinctive features. They also have a full skate shop inside!


Charm City Skatepark, Baltimore


This is by far one of the most enjoyable skateparks near Philly. This indoor skatepark has it all, and then some! It features mini-ramps with spines, bowls, a half-pipe, multiple street courses, and even a foam pit. This park is the kind of place where you can spend the whole day. We recommend loading up your car with your buddies and taking a trip to Baltimore for some shredding.


Skate The Foundry, Philadelphia


We are known for our indoor skatepark facilities and programs that cater to skateboarders of all ages and skill levels. STF offers skateboarding lessons, open skate sessions, and various events. Skate The Foundry is dedicated to promoting skateboarding culture, fostering a sense of community, and providing a safe and inclusive environment for skaters to practice and develop their skills.

Zembo Temple, Philadelphia


Located in Fishtown, this is a must-check-out location. They offer a full skate shop, a skatepark, and they also serve as a music vendor. This skate shop/park is 100% dedicated to skateboarding and skateboard culture, and it genuinely cares about the community. It promotes art, music, fashion, and skating, including quads. The people who run it are some of the friendliest folks in Philly, so don’t be afraid to stop in, say hi, and shred.

Fairmans Skate Shop, West Chester


Established in 1977, Fairman’s is one of the East Coast’s oldest and most respected skate shops. Not only is it an amazing skate shop, but it also has a mini skatepark in the basement. This space is primarily used for lessons and programs, and we’re uncertain if they offer Open Skate sessions. Therefore, it’s definitely worth making a quick phone call before planning your session. The shop is conveniently located in the heart of West Chester, where you can find some delicious places to eat nearby!

SK814 Action Sports Park, Altoona


A skatepark suitable for all levels, but experienced street skaters would enjoy this park the most. It primarily features street-style obstacles like stairs, ledges, hips, and rails. Additionally, there’s a mini-ramp and a bowl, although their layout differs significantly from the one at Skate The Foundry.

Switch Signal Skatepark, Swissvale


This is a large indoor park that is maintained really well. It has a large street course, big enough for multiple sessions at once with a mix of skill levels and ages. The park has everything you will typically see at a skatepark, and some smaller obstacles for the beginners and older parents who still shred and do slappy’s. Although this park does not have a bowl, they do have a three-quarter bowl with one of the sections open to skate in other areas of the skatepark.


Talent Skatepark, Inc, Burlington


If you find yourself skiing or snowboarding down the slopes in Vermont, be sure to bring your skateboard with you on the trip and make a stop at Talent Skatepark, a non-profit organization. It’s a fun street-style skatepark that has recently undergone some renovations. Talent Skatepark has a strong sense of community and offers a family-friendly atmosphere with something for everyone to enjoy skating.

We hope this list of skateparks is helpful as you travel to see friends and family. Whether you’re hitting the road, hopping on a plane, or just exploring your local skate scene, these skateparks offer a large scale of variety and experiences for skaters of all levels. It’s the perfect opportunity to visit new parks, meet new people, and even take a lesson!

Don’t forget to tag ‘Skate The Foundry’ on your social media accounts if you film any awesome tricks or memorable skate sessions. We love seeing our community in action, and we’re here to cheer you on from afar.