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Top 5 Holiday Skateboard Gifts For Kids

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To kick it off, we have listed our Top 5 Holiday Gifts that we have tested and used at STF, all priced below $30.

Skater Trainers

These are incredibly beneficial for first-time skaters. While originally designed for learning tricks, we’ve discovered that they are even more useful for beginners who are still getting comfortable with standing on the skateboard, turning, practicing stationary manuals (balancing on two wheels), and building confidence without the fear of falling.

Wheele Pro

This is another amazing tool to aid kids in increasing their balance and mastering moving manuals. We bought one for testing initially and then promptly ordered 16 more for our skate classes. Learning manuals can be challenging and intimidating for beginners, as they often come to an abrupt stop or lean back too much, leading to falls. The Wheele Pro significantly reduces the risk of falling and quickly boosts confidence. The only drawback is that it attaches to the skateboard using Velcro, so we recommend having a spare practice board that you don’t mind having Velcro attached to either the tail or nose.

Yes4All Versatile Wooden Wobble

An excellent and cost-effective tool to keep on hand in any household, suitable for individuals of all ages. The Wobble Board is perfect for a 10-15 minute warm-up, enabling skaters to gradually adapt to weight distribution and engage their muscles. It’s also a great resource for children aged 3 and younger to begin honing their balance skills prior to skateboarding. Additionally, it serves as a valuable tool for ankle exercises and ankle rehabilitation.

Posca Paint Markers

These are the most requested items that kids use during our camps and other programs. Kids can’t get enough of creating custom designs to decorate their skateboards, pads, and helmets! You will not go wrong in gifting this item if your child ever participated in a STF program!

TECH DECK, DLX Pro 10-Pack

This set of Tech Decks is perfect for kids of all ages. These are fantastic items for kids to enjoy at home, allowing them to unleash their creativity and perform incredible tricks on or over household items.

We hope this list helps you as you begin planning for the holiday season! As for skateboards, we highly recommend stopping in at your local skate shop to get the best deals and customer service:

Other than Skate The Foundry, local shops in the Philly and surrounding regions include Nocturnal Skate Shop, Zembo Temple, Dogwood Skate Shop, The Yard, and Nomad Skate Supply.

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