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The Essential Investments Every Skateboarder Should Make

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As a skateboarder, investing wisely in essential equipment can greatly enhance your experience, safety, and progression in the sport. Here’s why and what you should consider adding to your skate arsenal.

  1. Professional Quality Skateboard – The foundation of your skateboarding gear is undoubtedly the skateboard itself. Opt for a high-quality, professional skateboard from reputable brands known within the skateboarding community. Steer clear of low-quality completes, such as those from Walmart or knockoff brands from online retailers, as they often fail to deliver the performance and durability required for serious skateboarding. You don’t want to snap your board doing a backside boardslide over a rail because of a low quality skateboard. Trust me, I snapped one that way.
  2. Skate Tools – A skate tool is indispensable. Having experienced the necessity firsthand, I can vouch for its importance in every skateboarder’s bag. These tools are crucial for making quick adjustments, ensuring everything from the trucks to the wheels are tightly secured. No one wants a wobbly wheel while attempting a nosegrind!
  3. Safety Gear – Safety must always be a priority. Investing in helmets and pads not only protects you from the common spills and falls of skateboarding but also ensures you meet the safety requirements of many skateparks. This gear not only safeguards your well-being but also saves money in the long run by avoiding injuries.
  4. Skate Shoes – Skate shoes are more than just footwear; they’re a crucial part of a skateboarder’s equipment. Designed specifically for skateboarding, these shoes provide the necessary grip and flexibility for performing tricks. Additionally, they offer a way to express your personal style, with various types and styles available. Vans Halfcabs anyone? 
  5. Portable Ramps and Rails – Investing in portable ramps or rails can significantly enhance your ability to practice and progress in skateboarding. These assets allow for convenient practice sessions at home, eliminating the need to travel to skateparks. Plus, you can easily set up quick skate sessions with friends thanks to portable ramps and rails, making skateboarding more fun for the whole crew.
  6. Action Cameras – In today’s digital age, an action camera is a valuable investment for any skateboarder, even if you already have your iPhone on hand. Beyond simply documenting your tricks and progression, action cameras can be instrumental in marketing yourself within the skateboarding community. As you compile clips and showcase your skills, you may catch the eye of sponsors or skate companies, opening up further opportunities in the sport.

Investing in these essential assets as a skateboarder is not merely about spending money—it’s about building a foundation for both immediate enjoyment and long-term development. These investments not only enhance your performance but also ensure safety, convenience, and the opportunity to share and possibly capitalize on your skateboarding journey. Equip yourself wisely, and you’ll find that each session on your board is more rewarding than the last.

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